Doug Geiger

Touring Granite Mountain Railway

Doug Geiger
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Duration:   10  mins

In this video watch Doug Geiger’s Granite Mountain Railroad in operation and listen as Allen Keller narrates. Learn about the various locomotives, routes, locations, and more on the layout.

The route starts in Stillaquamish in the Cascade Mountains where the Milwaukee Road interchanges with the Granite Mountain. A Granite Mountain passenger train travels to the garage helix via a hidden track. Then, it’s onto the top level of Geiger’s layout at Blizzard Pass. This is the highest point in the Rockies that the road crosses.

The Mountaineer heads on to North Quartz Creek. This portion of the Bremer route consists of light rails and wooden bridges to keep the cost down for investors. This is a great fishing spot where train crew workers can stop for lunch on a slower day. The train descends from the creek down to Titanic Mine, though it is still on the top level of the layout, and still above the model’s tree line. Then it is onto the Corkscrew Trestle where the Mountaineer loses even more elevation.

The train comes to Mossy Rock. This houses an engine facility and depot for narrow gauge trains. From here it is onto a hidden terminus at Alpine City. Alpine City is a high country with exciting views, like that of the Crystal River Gorge below. Over the Crystal River is a dual gauge track.

The Mountaineer exits Eagle Tunnel and rounds Granite Mountain on Big Slide Trestle. From there, it travels down to the layout’s second level. Sweet Water River is bustling with trains. The Mountaineer passes close by a Rio Grande Local and a Sante Fe Steamer on its way to Bremer. After arriving in the Colton Stock Yard, the Mountaineer finally reaches its terminal in Bremer.

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One Response to “Touring Granite Mountain Railway”

  1. Neil Glenn

    Excellent layout, fantastic narration & story-line, and great sound effects! This video's a keeper!

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