John Pryke

Touring the New York, New Haven & Hartford

John Pryke
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Duration:   7  mins

We begin the Allen Keller tour of John Pryke’s New York, New Haven and Hartford with the Merchants Limited leaving South Boston with a streamlined Hudson on the head-in. The 464 eases by the south station interlocking. Number 1407, a class I-5 goes through the South Boston commercial district at the end of the yard. Extra equipment is stored here.

The Merchants Limited makes its way by Boston’s main interlocking. Prides Peak is in the background while a charming farm is up on the hill. The massive truss bridge leads to Readville. This area is an example of how the single track main is made to look like a double track, by looping the line back on itself. The only industry here is the Romano Fuel Depot.

Number 1407 rolls onto the Canton Viaduct and continues over a skewed truss bridge and into Providence. Providence has one of the line’s main yards for passenger operations. This track is physically above New Haven, but on the schematic it represents the start of the Providence to New Haven line. New London is the main sea port between New Haven and Providence. It’s famous for its boat building industry. Here the train appears to be in Readville, only this is merely a device to gain more running room.

This cut under Route 80 is part of the approach to New Haven. The train passes the engine facility and the New Haven Yard interlocking tower. At New Haven the 464 will be changed to an electric. An EP-3 Class Electric backs to the train while the I-5 heads to the engine service facility. Number 0361 leaves for New York under with the Merchants Limited. To continue the Allen Keller tour, view the full video, or for more Allen Keller Videos, or more layout tips and tools, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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