Mark Vinski

Track Detail & Signaling System

Mark Vinski
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Duration:   5  mins

One of the many details that make the M&K such a masterpiece of model railroading is the intricate track detailing, and the working signaling system. Working in a team with each member offering different expertise means this model railroad achieves a high level of realness and smooth operation.

Track work is at the heart of a model railroad. It ensures the smooth operation of the trains, and the appearance of the tracks can significantly affect the overall realness of the model. In this video, Mark Vinski describes to Allen Keller the intricacies of the M&K’s track detailing and signaling system.

The track’s detailing includes switch stands which house illuminated lights, derails, a relay box, battery boxes, phone boxes, rocker arms, rods, compensator links, and more. The fabrication of, as well as the significance of each detail as it relates to the prototype is described by Vinski.

The layout’s sophisticated signaling system includes train crossings with operating crossing flashers, flanger signals, and mileage markers. View a short tour and listen to a summary of the M&K model railroad’s track and signaling systems, narrated by Keller.

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