• 2:04

    Overview of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

    Harry Clark’s Indian Creek Valley Railroad is certainly one worth checking out. It’s one of the most incredibly built model railroads you’ll ever see. Nearly everything on the layout is scratch built by Harry, including thousands of model trees. To guide the tour, Allen Keller hosts this 9-part educational series on the Indian Creek Valley…

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  • 6:16

    Touring the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

    In part two of the 9-part Indian Creek Valley Railroad series, Allen Keller narrates the tour as we venture into Harry Clark’s layout. We begin the tour as the Capital Limited pulls out of the station and slips past the huge freight yard. As stated in the overview of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad, the…

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  • 10:54

    Operations on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

    The Indian Creek Valley Railroad takes us back in time to western Pennsylvania right after the Second World War. The area is thriving in spite of the poverty of many people. Coal and timber production are at a peak. The railroad is kept plenty busy with passenger and freight trains and the town is bustling…

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  • 8:36

    Inspiration Behind the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

    Model railroading brings together a community of creative, hardworking, and persistent individuals. From sharing ideas and techniques to collaborating on projects, the hobby serves as a great way to meet new people and to encourage others. For example, Harry Clark designed and constructed almost everything on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad, but he knew little…

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  • 7:11

    Making Model Rock Molds

    The Indian Creek Valley Railroad is chock-full of rockwork scenery because the layout is a replicate of the mountains of Pennsylvania. The detail is incredible and the technique for creating model rock molds is impressive. Designer and creator Harry Clark spent countless years on his layout, and developed significant strategies for creating realistic rockwork scenery.…

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  • 8:24

    Using Natural Material for Scenery

    The Indian Creek Valley Railroad stands apart from typical model railroads because of the wide range of natural materials used in the scenery. Harry Clark managed to use natural materials in numerous scenery elements including the trees, the ground cover and the bodies of water. In part six of the 9-part Indian Creek Valley Railroad…

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  • 4:22

    Creating an Easy Lattice Look

    One scenic element on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad that really catches the eye is the Deer Park Hotel located on top of a bluff. The majority of the structures on Harry Clark’s layout are based on real structures in Cass, West Virginia. The precise detail of the structures is remarkable. In part seven of…

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  • 2:23

    Creating a Roundhouse

    The roundhouse is the structure used for serving locomotives and is located next to the railway turntable. The roundhouse and turntable are fundamental to a model railroad layout. Harry Clark scratch built the roundhouse on his layout. In part eight of the 9-part Indian Creek Valley Railroad series, Harry demonstrates how he built the roundhouse…

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  • 9:35

    How to Make Model Railroad Windows

    Harry Clark’s dedication to model railroad design shines through in the detail of his structures. Every building on his layout is scratch built. He has a knack for detail. For instance, if he can’t find a cast that fits a window he desires for a structure, he will scratch build the model railroad windows himself…

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