• Research and Education

    Model Train Research and Education

    Back in 1997, the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society attempted to establish The Center for Steam-Era Studies. The idea stemmed from their attempt to model the 1950’s through their New England Berkshire & Western layout. The club soon discovered that the world had changed drastically since then. They could no longer visit the places for inspiration…

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  • 2:14

    Introduction to the Franklin & South Manchester Layout (Part 2)

    Host Allen Keller visits the fabulous Franklin & South Manchester Railroad of George Sellios for a second time. Now, George has more than doubled the size of the layout with the addition of Dovertown and Bedford Falls. See the major advancements in this Part 2 Series. Join us, won’t you! For many years, George Sellios…

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  • 4:42

    A Behind the Scenes Tour of Franklin & South Manchester (Part 2)

    Take a behind the scenes tour with host Allen Keller as we follow Train No. 260 along the rails of F&SM from its starting point at Mt. Alvin. Get a glimpse of perfectly rendered historic buildings and landmarks of this city during the 1930s. We’re confident George’s remarkably detailed structures and grim scenery will capture…

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  • 10:18

    Model Railroad Operations on the Franklin & South Manchester (Part 2)

    George’s F&SM fast became one of the world’s greatest model railroad layouts for its historical accuracy and breathtaking attention to detail. Host Allen Keller visits George’s studio at Fine Scale Mechanics to get an update on his progress with making additions to the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad layout. In this segment, witness a test…

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  • 4:04

    Latest Additions to George’s Model Railroad Layout Design

    A great deal has changed with the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad layout since Allen Keller’s first visit for Great Model Railroads Vol. 2: Part 1 eight years ago. In this segment, George Sellios sits down with host Allen Keller to discuss the major changes he has made to his remarkably realistic sceneries. George begins…

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  • 2:08

    A Unique Technique for Constructing Model Railroad Mountains

    In this segment, George Sellios says adding large model railroad mountains to a scenery can be challenging, but ends up being visually beneficial to the overall layout. Watch as George demonstrates his unique technique for constructing large mountains and the reasons he uses this method. Find out what materials are needed and tools to use…

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  • 3:56

    George’s New Model Railroad Layout Details

    Modelers around the world have appreciated George Sellios and Fine Scale Miniatures for his incredibly detailed scale structures, but it wasn’t until 1985 that George finally decided to build his first full HO scale model railroad. A passion for trains and the urge to create has driven George back to the workshop since he was…

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  • 5:45

    George’s Experience with Fine Scale Kits for Model Railroading Layouts

    George’s passion for model railroading pushed him to become the expert modeler he is today. George Sellios has been operating Fine Scale Miniatures since May of 1967. Find out how many Kits George has made for his model railroading layouts and what he does to make sure his kits fit. George talks about how Paul…

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  • 6:15

    Q&A with George and Allen on Model Railroad Track Plans

    In 1985, George began construction on Franklin & South Manchester Railroad, a hugely creative and detailed layout and one of the best the hobby has ever witnessed. Allen Keller visited George’s layout a second time to see for himself how the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad has advanced! He sat down with George to ask…

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