George Sellios

Introduction to the Franklin & South Manchester Layout (Part 2)

George Sellios
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Duration:   2  mins

Host Allen Keller visits the fabulous Franklin & South Manchester Railroad of George Sellios for a second time. Now, George has more than doubled the size of the layout with the addition of Dovertown and Bedford Falls. See the major advancements in this Part 2 Series. Join us, won’t you!

For many years, George Sellios has been famous in the world of model railroading for his intricately detailed and high-quality structures. Followers of his products began to wonder when they’d ever get to see behind the scenes of one of his layouts, and friends, the day has finally arrived. When this segment was filmed, George was still in the process of constructing his spectacular three-year-old layout, but Allen was blown away by what he saw. George’s first attempt at an HO scale layout was off to a rip-roaring start in Manchester, the starting point on the railroad already filled with more than 150 of those superbly decorated structures we’ve come to expect from the expert. Come along as we explore the F&SM for a second time and get a peek at some of George’s new additions!

If you haven’t seen or experienced Vol. 02: Franklin & South Manchester – Part 1, be sure to check that series out before diving into this Part 2.

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