• 2:15

    Overview of the Missouri, Kansas & Quincy

    Allen Keller is with owner Gary Hoover to introduce his Missouri, Kansas and Quincy Model Railroad. Hoover designed the layout as a railfan, he wanted to create a model railroad that was just as much fun to operate and photograph in HO size as it was to view in the full size. Hoover’s desire to…

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  • 5:57

    Touring the Missouri, Kansas & Quincy

    The westbound train on Gary Hoover’s Missouri, Kansas and Quincy begins at Oak Grove, Illinois. Amtrak Number 302 departs from the depot. The private car Silver Crescent offers a nice view. On the point is a GE Genesis Number 824. In the foreground you can see typical Illinois black prairie dirt. Oak Grove is also…

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  • 11:42

    Operations on the Missouri, Kansas and Quincy

    Operations on Gary Hoover’s Missouri, Kansas and Quincy begin in Sedalia, Colorado. As the night becomes dawn a glimpse is caught of the new BNSF power for Extra 986. The two GE-9 widebodies leave the engine service rack. Sedalia is a medium sized city with the Johnson brickyard off to the left. Engine 986 is…

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  • 5:41

    Inspiration and Techniques on the Missouri, Kansas & Quincy

    Gary Hoover has a very different approach to designing a layout. The Missouri, Kansas and Quincy runs from Chicago to California, but his model only shows parts of the journey using selected scenes. Hoover really liked to build scenery, so when he was designing the layout in 1985, he couldn’t really decide which type of…

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  • 3:55

    Creating Plowed Fields with Gary Hoover

    Gary Hoover uses spackling paste or drywall mud to create plowed fields on model railroad layouts. To begin, he takes the drywall paste and the serrated furrow tool that can be purchased in the hardware store. A simple spatula is also needed to spread the spackling and compound down. The first step is to apply…

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  • 20:29

    Making Stucco Walls with Gary Hoover

    Gary Hoover has many structures set in the Southwest part of the United States, so he needed to come up with a way of making stucco walls for his model railroad. The stucco must be applied to a braced structure or else the spackling will warp the wood. A couple of quarter inch square braces…

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  • 5:52

    Photographing Layouts with Gary Hoover

    In this video, Gary Hoover demonstrates how to take a photograph of the Oak Grove, Illinois area of his Missouri, Kansas and Quincy model railroad layout. The scene features a CSX engine. There is a typical B&O type singal there. The first step in taking a photograph is to set up the lights where they…

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  • 3:30

    Installing Semaphore Signals with Gary Hoover

    Gary Hoover likes to use semaphore signals on his Missouri, Kansas and Quincy model railroad. However, one problem with the semaphores is that they can be difficult to adjust. To fix this issue, he has come up with a device to adjust them easily and accurately. It is run by a switchmaster slow motion switch…

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