• Introduction to the Franklin & South Manchester Layout

    George Sellios’s Franklin & South Manchester Railroad

    For many years, George Sellios has been famous in the world of model railroading for his intricately detailed, high-quality structures. Followers of his products began to wonder when they’d ever get to see behind the scenes of one of his layouts. Friends, the day has finally arrived. Host Allen Keller visited George’s workshop at Fine…

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  • 3:57

    Exploring George’s Franklin & South Manchester Railroad

    It’s 1935 in the United States, and the nation’s largest cities and industries are very much still feeling the hurt of the Great Depression. Franklin & South Manchester Railroad hasn’t seen a piece of new equipment added to the grid in more than a decade. Paint is chipping, engines are grimey, people are hungry and…

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  • Operations on the Franklin & South Manchester

    Running Operations on George Sellios’s F&SM Railroad

    George Sellios’s HO layout of Franklin & South Manchester Railroad was a long time coming for fans of model railroading. Modelers everywhere who included George’s intricate structures in their own layouts wondered when the master would construct a layout of his own, and the day finally came with the first unveiling of the town of…

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  • Design & Inspiration for the Franklin & South Manchester

    Design & Inspiration for George’s Franklin & South Manchester

    Modelers around the world have appreciated George Sellios and Fine Scale Miniatures for his incredibly detailed scale structures, but it wasn’t until 1985 that George finally decided to build his first full HO scale model railroad. A passion for trains and the urge to create has driven George back to the workshop since he was…

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  • 6:17

    How George Sellios Creates Highly Detailed Structures

    You know his work from Fine Scale Miniatures, those superbly detailed kit structures that modelers have used on their railroad layouts for decades. George Sellios has been a staple of the model railroading world for as long as we can remember, and we’re infinitely grateful for his creations. To get a sense of how George…

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  • Creating Realistic Signs

    How George Sellios Makes Realistic Model Railroad Signs

    The structures on George Sellios’s model of Franklin & South Manchester Railroad are rife with realism, from weathered brick and boarded windows to the antique advertisements plastered around 1935 Boston. There’s no denying that George is a master of detail; many of the techniques beginner and expert modelers utilize on their railroads today were first…

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  • 1:44

    Why George Chose 1935 for the Franklin & South Manchester

    One of the first questions modelers must ask themselves when beginning to design a model railroad layout is, in what time period should I set this scene? There are a number of considerations that go into selecting the right era for your layout, especially in regard to nailing historical accuracy. To help you figure out…

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  • 6:27

    George Sellios on Superdetailing and Planning a Layout

    The term superdetailing is often attributed to those model railroad layouts that go above and beyond when it comes to adding detail to scenery and landscapes. Some of our favorite railroads have elements that can only be discovered and truly appreciated by searching and spending the time to look at every inch of the layout.…

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  • 2:47

    George Sellios on Creating a Harbor Scene for a Layout

    There are a number of different ways to create water scenes on a model railroad layout. Depending on the unique specifications and scenario of your layout, you could utilize various materials, methods and colors to achieve a realistic waterway. In the case of the busy industrial harbor in George Sellios’s HO scale layout of Franklin…

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