George Sellios

Why George Chose 1935 for the Franklin & South Manchester

George Sellios
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One of the first questions modelers must ask themselves when beginning to design a model railroad layout is, in what time period should I set this scene? There are a number of considerations that go into selecting the right era for your layout, especially in regard to nailing historical accuracy.

To help you figure out which time period is appropriate for your next layout, host Allen Keller visited the workshop of master modeler George Sellios to gain some insight on how and why George chose to set his remarkably detailed layout of Franklin & South Manchester Railroad in the year 1935.

In this segment, you’ll discover what made George hone in on the tough times of Great Depression-riddled Boston, when steam engines banged away at the tracks and railroads were still the favored means of travel for all classes of people. You’ll also learn about a special request George received from a very interested party for the eventual preservation of this spectacularly accurate and detailed layout. If you’re stuck trying to decide where and when to place your railroad, take a tip from the master!

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