• 1:41

    Introduction to the Utah Midland Railway

    The Utah Midland Railway is not your average model railroad. For instance, this layout lacks lush scenes of foliage, or any sign of vegetation for that matter. This railway is surrounded by dusty sandstone cliffs and dry mountains. At first glance, this layout almost appears to be a ghost town, with only a few signs…

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  • 6:29

    Touring the Utah Midland Railway

    The Utah Midland is a twenty mile shortline that hauls coal from the mines in Spring Canyon. The HO scale occupies 13 by 30 feet of Al Lindop’s basement. The extraordinary three times around dogbone track allows for an excessive amount of track in a dense area. The track plan is unbelievable, and Al continues…

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  • 13:53

    Operations on the Utah Midland Railway

    Al Lindop took an interesting approach to modeling the Utah Midland Railway. Instead of carefully planning out the scenery and operations, he simply jumped in and began modeling what interested him. The mountain scenery and the western roads fascinated Al. Not too many people choose to model areas such as Utah, but Al executed the…

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  • 4:42

    Inspiration Behind the Utah Midland

    In part four of the 7-part Utah Midland Railway series, Allen Keller interviews Al Lindop regarding the inspiration behind his railroad and his modeling techniques. A large amount of Al’s inspiration came from problem solving. As Al did not plan out his track or scenery, he had to work through the complications as they arrived.…

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  • 16:42

    How to Create Rock Scenery

    Model railroad rock scenery is typically blanketed with foliage. This is not the case for Al Lindop’s Utah Midland. The layout consists of entirely dry desert terrain. The only scenic element on the layout to provide color is the desert sand. The structures tend to blend in with the terrain, as the entire coal town…

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  • 4:54

    Building Mines from Scratch

    In part six of the 7-part Utah Midland Railway series, Al Lindop provides an in depth look into the scratch built mines on the Utah Midland. The segment begins with a look at a mine located in Miller Pass, a town located on the model railroad. Miller Pass is home to a miner supply company,…

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  • 5:04

    How to Weather Model Train Hoppers

    The Utah Midland has over one hundred hoppers on the layout. Al Lindop describes the biggest problem with hoppers as being his tendency to decal or buy ones that don’t belong on the road. For that reason, Al struggles to stick to the few railroads that would normally be represented. The hardest part for him…

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