Al Lindop

Introduction to the Utah Midland Railway

Al Lindop
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The Utah Midland Railway is not your average model railroad. For instance, this layout lacks lush scenes of foliage, or any sign of vegetation for that matter. This railway is surrounded by dusty sandstone cliffs and dry mountains. At first glance, this layout almost appears to be a ghost town, with only a few signs of civilization. Most model railroads seem to be bustling with cheerful commotion. This rundown town portrays a sense of eeriness. As you will quickly learn, this desert landscape is unique in many ways.

The Utah Midland Railway

Allen Keller pays a visit to Al Lindops home to checkout the Utah Midland Railway. This tour cannot be contained into one short video, but rather, is spread out across a seven part series covering many aspects of the Utah Midland Railway.

This is the introduction to the Utah Midland Railway owned and operated by Al. Allen provides a brief overview of the layout, at the same time, he asks Al a few questions about his model. As the series continues, Allen provides a behind-the-scenes tour and a look into the operations of the layout. Al shares his inspiration and modeling techniques, as well as goes into depth regarding rockwork scenery, building mines and weathering hopper cars.

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