• 2:26

    Overview of the Hooch Junction

    We begin this overview of the Hooch Junction model railroad with a view of the trains rolling through the layout. This is the gorgeous Hooch Junction by Monroe Stewart. The Hooch Junction is an N scale railroad featuring CSX and Norfolk Southern trains. The two roads parallel each other through the Appalachian Coal Field. Even…

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  • 18:36

    Touring the Hooch Junction

    We begin the tour with a string of empty N&W hoppers easing into the Pupino Yard powered by three SD7s. The first two are lettered for the Norfolk Southern. The trailing unit is still labeled N&W. Off to the left is the McClain Equipment Company. Norfolk Southern units Number 199 and 198 leave the empties…

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  • 6:00

    Owner Inspiration and Techniques on the Hooch Junction

    The Hooch Junction Railroad of Monroe Stewart runs from the West Virginia Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. Monroe came up with the name and route himself. The junction came from his days in Southeast Asia, where they referred to shack shanties and other outbuildings and dwellings as “hooches”. When he got back to the states…

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  • 9:38

    Constructing N Scale Track

    Monroe Stewart starts his process with a dollar can of brown primer spray from Kmart. A piece of cardstock is placed behind the track to preserve what’s behind it when he sprays. He shoots the brown primer lightly and not too neatly to give it a little rust color. Make sure to do this in…

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  • 6:51

    Using Household Items in Modeling

    Monroe Stewart shows some shapes found in everyday life or in grocery, hobby or hardware stores. A pill bottle, top of a mouthwash, hotel room shampoo, PVC pipe with a cone of styrene, a shower cap container, cosmetic containers, plumbing pipe, little miscellaneous bottles, caps, and wood dowels or some of these objects. After sanding…

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  • 2:02

    Movable Scenes on the Hooch Junction Model Railroad

    According to Allen Keller, Monroe Stewart has an interesting way of doing scenes, on his Hooch Junction model railroad. In fact, he has a movable scene. Monroe could have an island or not have an island on his layout, there are even two versions of said island. Previously, he had a panel, but with the…

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  • 6:05

    Shapes of Buildings with Monroe Stewart

    When talking about buildings and shapes as they relate to each other in terms of making a project, the footprint of a building, being defined as the perimeter of the building helps to define the base and the way the building will look. Here modeler Monroe Stewart has two rectangles side by side which gives…

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  • 8:18

    Painting Brick with Monroe Stewart

    Modeler Monroe Stewart has a special way of making brick structures look just right. His secret is to not rush or be in a hurry. His technique was taught to him a long time ago from a friend named Lee. He actually paints each brick individually. Monroe demonstrates on a building. Initially it is painted…

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