• 5:46

    Touring the Santa Fe Railroad

    The tour of Gary Hoover’s Sante Fe model railroad with narration by Allen Keller begins at Dearborn Station, Chicago. Here the final call is made for the Super Chief to Los Angeles. The semaphore goes up as Train 17 leaves Dearbron powered by a series of F3s. This is the Santa Fe’s premier passenger train.…

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  • 11:00

    Operations on the Santa Fe Railroad

    Operations on Gary Hoover’s Santa Fe model railroad begins at San Bernardino, California where the 484, Number 2929 will help the Grand Canyon get up to Summit. The hepler is positioned in front of the depot prior to the arrival of train 24 to Grand Canyon. This is a mixed consist with both heavyweight and…

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  • 5:28

    Owner Inspiration and Techniques on Santa Fe Model Railroad

    Gary Hoover’s second layout, the Santa Fe is in the basement. The old Missouri, Kansas, and Quincy layout ran from Chicago to California. Allen Keller asks him what the route of the new backdated Santa Fe layout follows. It is still pretty much the same route as the old layout, starting in Chicago and ending…

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  • 7:32

    Custom Backdrops with Gary Hoover

    Gary Hoover has some fine looking model railroad backdrops on his Santa Fe layout. The backdrop was a challenge for Gary when he first started the layout because so many backdrops were needed that had to match the prototype. For his model railroad backdrops, he uses simple, easy to find art materials. The materials he…

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  • 15:06

    Making Joshua Trees with Gary Hoover

    Over in the area between Summit and Victorville, typically around the Frost area in the high desert of Gary Hoover’s Santa Fe model railroad, there are a lot of Joshua trees. These are not commercially available for modelers, so they must be made from scratch. So, Gary had to come up with ways to create…

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  • 6:05

    Switch Panels on the Sante Fe Model Railroad

    Gary Hoover is using a DCC system for his Santa Fe model railroad layout. He controls the turnouts by stationary decoders which then run through the DCC system. When he wants to make a position change on a turnout, he issues a command through his handheld controller and then the turnout throws. With all the…

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  • 6:12

    Resistance Wheelsets on Gary Hoover’s Santa Fe Model Railroad

    The signal systems that Gary Hoover has for the DCC on his Santa Fe model railroad requires current between two rails. For the freight cars to accomplish this, he adds a resistor that bridges from one metal wheel to the other metal wheel. There are two types of resistors that modelers can use, one is…

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