Creating an Agricultural Scene

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Creating an Agricultural Scene
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Model railroad layouts typically depict towns or industrial areas where the action of the railroad happens. These scenes are usually separated by some open country scenery.

But what should we depict in that open scenery? What can we model that will fill the space while creating interest?

One good option it to model agricultural scenes. Farms and ranches add a sense of life and action to what otherwise might seem a very static, lifeless scene.

In this Model Railroad Academy class, “Creating an Agricultural Scene,” you’ll learn start-to-finish how to model an agricultural scene depicting a hay field and a corn field during the fall harvest.

You will see how to plan and develop the scene; how to build up the scenic base to add drama and interest to the overall scene; and how to detail the scene to depict the corn harvest.

You’ll be introduced to materials and techniques to help you depict the earth in a farm field, fence posts, individual corn stalks, wet earth, and more. You will also learn how to select colors that tell the story of the scene, depicting realistically the right season in the right location.

When you are finished with this class you will be able to create an agricultural scene for your own model railroad layout that is realistic and dynamic.

In addition to your video instruction, you’ll get a helpful Class Guide downloadable PDF that you can print out and use as a reference as you plan for, and work on, your agricultural scene.

Bonus materials available after purchase

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