John Nehrich

A Behind the Scenes Tour of The New England Berkshire & Western

John Nehrich
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Duration:   19  mins

The beauty of trains is that they tend to be hypnotizing. Watching the engine as it carries along what seems to be a never ending flow of box cars is no doubt fascinating. Trains capture the attention of the viewer. The boisterous metal beasts hurry along the lengthy rails stretching across large amounts of land as they hustle from town to town to transport goods and passengers. Model railroads accurately replicate the same actions, sights and sounds of the railroad. Prototype railroads and their models alike tell a narrative of the surrounding area and each locomotive serves a mission for the town. Chasing trains can be extremely informative when it comes to learning history.

The New England Berkshire & Western Railroad

In part two of the 10-part New England Berkshire & Western series, Allen Keller narrates an extensive behind the scenes tour of the layout. During the tour, you will learn about each train and its story. The trains pass by groves of lush trees, cross over bridges, and cruise by various business buildings. Allen explains the stories behind each structure and body of water as the trains reach them.

The New England Berkshire & Western layout has many unique aspects. One of the most impressive features on the layout is the sand beach on Lake George. A passenger train picks up and drops off guests at the resort. The entire beach is covered in people soaking up the sun. The river is also lined with vacation cabins resulting in an area full of travelers and sightseers. Another interesting feature on the layout is the lighting. During the operating session, the lights change according to the time of day. The lights simulate the sunrise and sunset.

The trains on The New England Berkshire & Western follow a long journey through North Creek, Vergennes to Red Rocks, Lake George, Saratoga to North Bennington, and a few other stops along the way. The tour is just getting started on The New England Berkshire & Western layout. Following along with the series to learn more about the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society and their impressive layout.

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