Building Mines from Scratch

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Duration: 4:54

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In part six of the 7-part Utah Midland Railway series, Al Lindop provides an in depth look into the scratch built mines on the Utah Midland. The segment begins with a look at a mine located in Miller Pass, a town located on the model railroad. Miller Pass is home to a miner supply company, miner shacks, several stores, and two large mines. This particular mine is the very first mine built by Al. Half of the structure is built in place on location and half is completely workbench produced. The structure rests on foundation pieces that have been built permanently in place.

Al also speaks with Allen Keller about his desert layout and the railroading hobby in general. First, Allen asks Al if he receives any personal fulfilment from the hobby. Next, he asks Al what kind of control system he uses and how it works. Then, he asks Al a couple questions regarding the fleet on the Utah Midland Railway. Allen specifically asks about the diesel fleet and the hoppers on the track.

Only one segment remains of the Utah Midland Railway series. In the conclusion of the series, Al Lindop demonstrates how to weather hopper cars. With over 100 hoppers on his layout, Al has plenty of experience with weathering them.