John Armstrong

Operations on the Canandaigua Southern

John Armstrong
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Duration:   11  mins

Operations on John Armstrong’s Canandaigua Southern model railroad start with the passenger train – the Golden Triangle – entering the scene from a hidden connection. Essex Junction is the interchange. There is a delayed pursuit of the Golden Triangle to catch the unusual 4666 at the Central Power Plant. Finally at Slug Island the 464 is caught up with on the head end of the Golden Triangle. The head at East Gasmeterszag with 2942 is running in the front of the Golden Triangle. There will be a later check in with this train.

The Golden Triangle is now at Warm River. The station is based on one found in Maryland. The Erie Limited meets with the Golden Triangle in East Cattaraugus. An abandoned plant will be preserved by the National Railway Historical Society. At Cattaraugus, K5A 2942 arrives with the Erie Limited. It gets combined into the Golden Triangle for the trip to Pittsburgh. The 462 cuts off from its train. The Golden Triangle arrives. The two head-in cars are pulled from the train. An Erie Lackawanna NW-2 will combine the two consists.

Meanwhile, operation continues at the engine facility with a Canandaigua Southern 484 preparing to go to work. The NW-2 will pull the coaches from the Golden Triangle. Five cars get added to the Erie Limited. This former Southern Pacific GS-3 backs to the head-in cars. At the other end, the switcher is pushing to Track 3. Number 952 moves the head-in cars to Track 3. The original Erie engine has been serviced and now will be the lead locomotive.

Finally the new consist of the Golden Triangle is ready to leave Cattaraugus. The train begins to pick up speed for the assault on the 3.5% grade at Ott Dam. It passes under Hernial Tunnel. At Ukla, the tail end of the ore train on the lower line is visible. The Golden Triangle will have to slow for the grueling 3.5% grade.

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