Creating a Roundhouse

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The roundhouse is the structure used for serving locomotives and is located next to the railway turntable. The roundhouse and turntable are fundamental to a model railroad layout. Harry Clark scratch built the roundhouse on his layout. In part eight of the 9-part Indian Creek Valley Railroad series, Harry demonstrates how he built the roundhouse on his layout.

Creating a Roundhouse

Harry begins the tutorial by showing how he creates the casting for the buildings and structures on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad. He specifically shows the casting for the roundhouse in this video. The molds are made of silicone rubber and the plaster is poured into it. He sections the pieces together to create the complete building.

At the end of this video, Harry Clark and Allen Keller discuss an incident that happened with the turntable on the Indian Creek Valley layout. A visitor accidentally destroyed the turntable area. Allen asks Harry how he felt when that happened and how he approached the reconstruction.