Rick Rideout

Modifying Standard House Kits

Rick Rideout
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Duration:   3  mins

In this video, Allen Keller sits down with Rick Rideout as he demonstrates ways that a modeler can modify Rideout’s own Rix Products Inc house standard kits. Rideout first describes how to change the roofline on the houses to create one continuous roof instead of the two tiers that come standard. Using an extra house kit, the first step is to build the house up to the roof. Offset the normal roof piece by about eight shingles forward and fill in open spots on the given roof section with an extra piece of roof material. Then cut a triangular piece of white siding from another kit to fill in under the new roof that extends to the brick pillars. This will change the appearance of the house in only a few simple steps.

Next Rideout describes how to add a lean-to on the back of a house kit. Slide the roof forward towards the front of the house and over the porch, and cut the rear siding at downward angle. This way the rear lean-to roof will slant downwards. Add a flat piece of roof over the lean-to and it is complete. Finally, to make a double level house simply add another house kit on top of another using the two porches.

Rideout’s L&N is designed to be a walk-around layout. This is a great treat for viewers who get to look at his trains and houses up close. It is also convenient for operators who can be within arms reach of their trains at all times on the layout. This 35 by 70 foot layout is large even for a modeling club, yet Rideout has been able to build it by himself. Rideout has kept his layout at a manageable scale for himself and been able to manufacture his own products, like the Rix house standard kits. The L&N is a feat and Rideout has been an inspiration for modelers who are going at it alone.

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