Allen Keller

Operations on Bluff City Southern Part 2

Allen Keller
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Duration:   10  mins

Operations on the Bluff City Southern model railroad of Allen Keller starts At West Memphis, Arkansas, as a Frisco FA emerges from staging at Royal Feed. Number 5200 will pick up two L&N flat cars at the Frisco track. At Briark, train 835 passes one of the many cotton fields along the Mississippi River. In the foreground is the riverside cotton press.

Crossing the Mississippi River, the two flat cars will be switched and re-routed at Bluff City Yard. Number 5200 heads to the engine facility as the NW-2 switchers get ready to move the flat cars. These cars get added to IC train 8959 southbound. This car is added to Southern train 56. A Southern caboose completes the train. An IC GP-7 will power the train to Greenville. 8959 Southbound leaves Bluff City Yard and heads into Tunica and then into Alligator. L&N 0-42 will be set out at the IC-team track.

Back at Bluff City Yard, Southern train 56 leaves for Tennessee. The Southern line hugs the banks of the Loosahatchie River. Soon it reaches the town of Toone. There are more fields outside of Toone. Number 6878 pulls past the Jackson passenger station. In back is the engine facility with turntables. Switcher 1885 will pull the L&N flatcar and the southern caboose is put back. Train 56 heads to Chattanooga.

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