Allen Keller

Q&A Modeler to Modeler

Allen Keller
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Duration:   11  mins

Who would have thought that even master modelers have questions about model railroading? In this premium video, master modelers grow together in their model railroading by learning from each other. Allen Keller expresses how his model railroad layouts have been greatly influenced by other modelers. For instance, Tony Koester’s layout had the stubby and staging yards that he popularized years ago made a big influence on his models. Allen now has two stubby and staging yards right now and will have three when he’s done! Also, George Sellios influenced Allen Keller’s model railroads with his incredibly detailed scenes. Find out who else has greatly influenced Allen’s work for his model railroads and be inspired by each master modelers strengths Allen addresses. See how Allen makes a joke about how he only, “steals from the best,” and what he really means is he gets inspired by the best!

You’ll learn that operating isn’t just about moving car from A to B, it’s when you operate the railroad comes to life. Also, find out how model railroading is a combination of research, history, model building, electrical, painting, artistry, and much more. Allen Keller explains how you can emphasize any one of these aspects and there is nothing wrong with focusing your work on only one of these major components. The name of the game is to have a good time, that’s all that matters! There are many more questions asked from modeler to modeler in this premium video that may greatly enhance your modeling skills.

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