Operations on the Denver, Front Range and Western

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We begin operations on Doug Tagsold’s Denver Front Range & Western at Glenwood Springs. Here the Denver & Rio Grande Western empty coal drag with three SD’s on the point has orders to clear the main for Track Number 5, the California Zephyr. Coal Train Number 708 now gets to leave.

The SD 40 T-2’s lead the hoppers under the energy mine coal loader. Two GP 40-2’s are needed as helpers to move this much coal. Then it’s on to Winter Park. Only the crew of the empty ski train gets to watch the final assault on the 2% grade to Moffat Tunnel. Next is the East Portal. The jeep helpers have done their job and head back to Bond.

Meanwhile, Number 708 holds the main while westbound 725 passes at Toeland. Finally the SD units get their train started again for Denver and across the Rocky Flats. The trains arrive at the Denver-Utah Junction. Number 708 arrives at Denver Yard and will change power here. Burlington Northern units take over from the Rio Grande for the trip to Pueblo.

Now we follow the Santa Fe local Number 340 because the coal drag will be stuck in the yard for another hour. The GB 38’s pack pass the Santa Fe and Burlington Northern engine facility before running through Denver Union Station. The Santa Fe moves into Castle Rock. The local will set out a covered hopper at the fertilizer plant. The foreground track is the southbound main and the rear track is for movement other direction.

In Colorado Springs rain 340 will pick up a UP hopper at a street siding. Coal train 708, now with BN power, passes the Santa Fe local. With the main now clear, the GP 38’s pull out for Pueblo. To continue viewing operations, watch the full video.

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