Ed Lorence

Operations on the Baltimore and Ohio L&S Division

Ed Lorence
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Duration:   16  mins

Operations on Ed Lorence’s HO scale Baltimore and Ohio L&S Division with narration by Allen Keller starts with a B&O 282 Class Q4 coming out of the Grafton roundhouse. Number 4635 will be the power for the local today. Before it gets out of the yard, the Mecado has to drop his UTLX tank car at REP Petroleum. It also must pick up a Conoco tank car. At Dawson, local freight number 3 ducks behind the station and enters Tunnel Number 4. Number 4635 heads out of Tunnel Number 7 at Water Station 37 and moves towards Tunnel Number 8. Berkeley Run Junction is also a junction along the way and then it’s over Three Rivers Creek.

Meanwhile, over at Fairport, a switcher is ready to leave Federal Cold Storage. The 0100 is taking these refers to Sewell Junction. The armor and two refers will be picked up by Train Number 3. This cut was set out by Train Number 11 and the Fairport switcher will take these cars back to Fairport through the Salt Lick Curve. Train Number 3 arrives for the pickup. With the switching finished, the 282 pulls out.

At Grafton the Mecado will set out the 3 refers. At Elkins Number 4635 will set out five stock cars for the packing company. The 080 Number 788 will pull the cut off Train Number 3. The switcher pushes the cut to a holding track. Number 4635 backs to the remainder of its train. The 282 leaves town past Elkins Tower. Train Number 3 will terminate outside Grants Coal at East Elkins. For more Allen Keller videos, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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