Chuck Hitchcock

Overview of the Argentine Industrial District Railway

Chuck Hitchcock
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The Argentine Industrial District Railway of Chuck Hitchcock is his answer to the question: is it possible to outgrow a famous 30-year-old layout? This former Santa Fe Argentine division was famously known as one of the first layouts to be operated in a prototype manner and was a subject of Great Model Railroads Volume 29. Chuck was especially noted for his work in recreating accurate passenger train operations of the early 1950’s. Chuck is a pioneer in exploring a new way to enjoy the hobby.

The new HO railroad began as an idea some ten years prior. The Argentine industrial district represents a Santa Fe switching line around Kansas City in 1963. All trains operate under yard limit rules. Allen Keller asks why Chuck departed from the mainstream operation to build a large switching layout. Operators tend to gravitate to areas where there are switching capabilities on the layout. Chuck wanted to build a layout that would provide those opportunities. The Argentine Industrial District Railway sits in a 24 by 26 foot basement that was home to the old layout for 30 years. The benchwork runs around the room and is cantilevered from the walls. The railway switches many Kansas City industries. For more Allen Keller videos, visit our Model Railroad Academy archives.

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