Overview of the Greeley Freight Station Museum Part 1

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Duration: 1:56

The Greeley Freight Station Museum is one of the largest HO scale layouts in the world. The 55-square-foot, Oregon, California and Eastern is the dream of retired Newspaper Publishers David Trussell. He started building the layout in 2004, and by 2009 95% was complete and open to the public. A group of dedicated volunteers worked 30,000 hours to accomplish this amazing project. The OC&E has vast scenic vistas that showcase the rugged terrain between Klamath Falls and Lakeview Oregon. In addition to OC and E trains the railroad also has Southern Pacific, Great Northern and Denver and Rio Grande locomotives.

In this video, Allen Keller is with David Trussell the designer and the man behind the Greeley Freight Station Museum. The Oregon, California and Eastern Railway is a fun and very unique model railroad. The 9,600 square foot home of the OC&E is a lot bigger than the average basement. Because of its size and to do justice to the railroad, this video series is divided into two shows. In Part 1, Allen will cover the line from Chiloquin Staging to the Quartz Mountain summit.

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