Jim Hertzog

Make the Most of Your Fascia

Jim Hertzog
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Duration:   4  mins

The Reading model railroad is a big operation involving several operators in one session. Jim Hertzog understands how important it is to keep the tracks neatly labeled to help the crew. Organization is key when it comes to railroad operations. In this segment of the Reading Railway series, Jim Hertzog demonstrates how to add lettering to label the model railroad fascia. He also digs deeper into the operations of the Reading Railroad with Allen Keller.

Make the most of your fascia

Jim’s demonstration takes place at the team track location in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. This particular location was expanded allowing for optimum space. It has a loading dock, various buildings of business, and an area for unloading produce and perishable items. In this tutorial, Jim offers some tips on how to efficiently label the team tracks. He walks you step-by-step through the process by labeling the produce team on his own fascia board. You will learn what product Jim uses to label the fascia and techniques on how to properly apply it.

Jim and Allen also discuss the operations of the Reading Railroad in this segment. Jim begins the discussion by highlighting the helper trains. He defines them as a major theme of the layout. He goes into detail about where the helper action is used on the design. After, Allen asks Jim about the capacity of layout space and if he has ever encountered any trouble with fitting in the desired scenery within the contained area. Additionally, Jim explains how using vertical dimension allowed him to work with narrow shelves on the layout without posing a threat to the scenery.

Make the most of your fascia by using some of Jim’s labeling techniques. Maintaining an organized track will guide your crew and improve your layouts operations. Labeling your fascia is a very simple and inexpensive project that will likely make a big difference on your layout, so follow along as Jim shares his tips for making the most of your fascia.

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