Roger Russell

Overview of Roger Russell's 3 Narrow Gauge Layouts

Roger Russell
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Modeler Roger Russell is a man who does narrow gauge modeling in a big way. He has three separate layouts in different scales, the SN-3 Denver Rio Grande and Southern, the ON-3 Colorado and Southern, and the 3/8th inch scale Russell Creek Lumber Company. His exposure to Colorado narrow gauge influenced his modeling.

Roger has won best of show awards and numerous first place prizes at national narrow gauge conventions in just a few years. He’s a fast builder who believes in combining scales to get the right look. Roger likes all scales which accounts for him building in three different scales. The SN-3 Denver Rio Grande and Southern was the first of his three layouts and is probably his favorite. This is due to the Colorado scenery that reminds him of the first time he saw steam in the high country.

Allen asks why he named his layout the Denver Rio Grande Southern. For Roger, it has to do with the merger of the Denver Rio Grande and the Rio Grande Southern in the fall of the 1930’s and 40’s. The 12 by 28 foot SN-3 layout that features equipment from the D&RG West and the Rio Grande Southern. In the room next door is the Colorado and Southern ON-3 layout. It too is 12 by 28 feet and is a showcase for narrow gauge modeling.

The SN-3 railroad operates between Durango and Ridgeway Colorado. Roger started work on the railroad in 1987. Everything on it is either kitbashed or scratch built including 2,500 trees. The tour of the DRG&S starts in Ridgeway where the west and southern Rio Grande interchange.

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