Allen Keller

Painting Railroad Tracks and Ballasts

Allen Keller
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Duration:   4  mins

There are so many ways to make your model railroad track look good and unique! Allen Keller teaches you a few tips and techniques to make your track look outstanding. Allen goes through each step of executing this technique with you. Start by getting a simple HO track and begin cutting the ties off with a rail nipper. Allen then explains how cutting a little of the edge off at an angle is the best way to get the results desired. Allen shows you what it looks like when your HO track is cut and trimmed properly and find out the reasons why you don’t want your tracks to be symmetrical.

Next, it is time to color the ties and the rail. Allen suggests using cheap paint, to get the job done! Before you can paint the tracks you have to spray the rails with primer. See how Allen applies the red primer to the rails and find out the best areas spray specific colors of paint. Watch as this technique transforms the tracks to be uniquely painting in a variety of colors. Then you can add the ballasts to your freshly painted tracks. Be sure to use a brush to spread the ballasts around, making the track look as realistic as possible. Allen provides a few tips for making your ballasts different shades as well as potentially different hues if preferred.

Allen Keller shows you several examples of different track designs that are beautifully created using this technique presented. Now get started painting your how tracks and ballasts using these helpful techniques.

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