Bill Briggs

Palisade on the M&YP Railroad

Bill Briggs
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Duration:   1  mins

Passing through the North Pacific short tunnel, the NP train enters the Palisade area. Palisade is a location along Bill Briggs’ Musselshell and Yogo Peak (M&YP) railroad line. It is not exactly a town, but a geographically unique site on the line. Its uniqueness is due to its large and steep rock face that the trains must pass by. The rock face presented a problem for the railroad in its build. The NP maneuvered this obstacle by blasting through the solid rock for its 62 foot double track short tunnel.

After Palisade, the NP continues west and upward with the Milwaukee Road track above it. The Milwaukee Road moves westward and downgrade to Snake Canyon. At the end of the canyon lies the east switch of the Milwaukee Musselshell. The M&YP blasted three tunnels through the rock with timber slide sheds for protection. Briggs added this lengthy and straight section of the NP line so he could run a long set of cars.

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