Roger Russell

Touring Roger's 3 Narrow Gauge Layouts

Roger Russell
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Duration:   5  mins

Roger Russell and Allen Keller start their tour of the 3 Narrow Gauge model railroad layouts at the San Juan on its way to Sargent. It’s powered by a K-28 Number 473, a 282. Behind the depot is the Ridgeway engine facility where an RGS goose heads into the roundhouse. Trout Lake has a spur that leads to the Ridgeway roundhouse on the right. The Trout Lake trestle bridge is 300 feet long.

Russell Siding is named for the president of the road with Los Pinos below. Behind the stock cars the Russell stock pit is visible on the Lizard Head Siding. The train approaches Durango, the largest town on the line. Durango has a small yard and engine facility. The loop behind the roundhouse is required because of the surrounding mountains.

After the stop, the 282 backs behind the roundhouse and heads to Jaks Cabin on a hidden track. This is a remote spot where the K-28 moves through a tunnel of trees. Coming out of National Bell Tunnel, 473 enters Los Pinos. The San Juan heads back to Jaks Cabin. Jaks Cabin Tunnel leads back to Sargent, this is the only engine servicing facility at this end of the line. 473 passes the elevated coal dock at Sargent and then stops for refueling. Later the San Juan will head back to Durango.

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