John Gray

Visitor Questions on the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division

John Gray
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Duration:   1 mins

What kind of questions do John Gray’s Union Pacific Cheyenne Division visitors ask him? The general public can’t believe that all the items on the layout that are made out of brass. Because of this disbelief, he keeps one locomotive unpainted to prove to them that they are indeed brass. Next they wonder why he would paint over the beautiful color of the brass. Understanding the refer trains, how ice refrigeration used to work in the day and in general how this country moved goods around only 40 or 50 years ago from the time of this video were other visitor questions. John is amazed with how little people know when they visit the railroad. For more model railroad tips and tools, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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One Response to “Visitor Questions on the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division”

  1. Harry Ramsbottom

    I have a Autopulse Transamp 1 controller. What gauge of wire should I use to connect to the track?

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