How to Weather Model Train Hoppers

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The Utah Midland has over one hundred hoppers on the layout. Al Lindop describes the biggest problem with hoppers as being his tendency to decal or buy ones that don’t belong on the road. For that reason, Al struggles to stick to the few railroads that would normally be represented. The hardest part for him is to decal the same car over and over again. Although the Utah Midland was a difficult battle to tackle, Al managed to create a beautifully scenic railroad that blends into a realistic recreation of Utah.

Weathering Model Train Hoppers

In the conclusion of the 7-part Utah Midland Railway series, Al Lindop provides a tutorial on how to weather hoppers. Al provides product suggestions and a wide range of weathering techniques to provide variation to each individual car.

To wrap up the Utah Midland Railway series, Allen Keller asks Al some final questions. With over 40 years of model railroad experience, Al has created an awe-inspiring layout. As a very humble modeler, Al would never boast about his accomplishments, but he deserves recognition for his hard work and creativity.

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