• 2:48

    Overview of the Canandaigua Southern

    The Canandaigua Southern model railroad belongs to one of the hobby’s most famous riders, railfans, and modelers. John Armstrong is the layout’s president, the hobby’s premiere track planner, and the originator of many ideas and inventions that we take for granted today. The idea of modelers walking with their trains, and only allowing a train…

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  • 8:58

    Touring the Canandaigua Southern

    Beginning our tour of John Armstrong’s Canandaigua Southern model railroad, PA-1, the express refer to Pittsburgh exits Tunnel Number 5. It’s powered by a 484, Number 914. PA-1 is headed for the New York Central Interchange. High Bridge is the home of an amazing trestle bridge. John says that some civil engineering dispute has kept…

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  • 11:55

    Operations on the Canandaigua Southern

    Operations on John Armstrong’s Canandaigua Southern model railroad start with the passenger train – the Golden Triangle – entering the scene from a hidden connection. Essex Junction is the interchange. There is a delayed pursuit of the Golden Triangle to catch the unusual 4666 at the Central Power Plant. Finally at Slug Island the 464…

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  • 14:39

    Owner Inspiration & Techniques on the Canandaigua Southern

    John Armstrong’s Canandaigua Southern is a freelance line running between Canandaigua, New York and Pittsburgh in the 1960’s. John is avoiding picking an exact date and route for his railroad, because he doesn’t want to have to represent specific locations. The specific time period of the railroad will remain rather flexible, other than the fact…

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  • 1:34

    Vertical Turnouts on the Canandaigua Southern

    John Armstrong is credited with inventing the vertical turnout. On his Canandaigua Southern model railroad, they connect the verge with the hidden ore tracks. It’s a manifestation of the empties in, loads out. The empties just got hauled in by the mine switcher from verge, which is the end of the run ready to be…

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  • 5:12

    Reverted Loop and Coupling on the Canandaigua Southern

    John Armstrong, owner of the Canandaigua Southern, invented the reverted loop. The purpose of the reverted loop is to provide out of sight staging and turn a train in a minimum amount of space. The reverted loop is underneath something else on the layout that is visible. It also extends the main line partially around…

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  • 6:02

    Lighting Night Scenes on the Canandaigua Southern

    A night scene means you get twice the railroad in the same space. On John Armstrong’s Canandaigua Southern, the Cattaraugus Engine Terminal with the 2104 is coming in after its run to dump the ashes and get new fuel for the next run. The next stop will be on the turntable to be spun around…

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  • 8:10

    Removable Locomotive Tops on the Canandaigua Southern

    Before John Armstrong puts locomotives on his Canandaigua Southern layout, he “breaks every bone in their body”. John finds it a lot easier when he can lift the top off of a locomotive when he needs to look at what is underneath. One of John’s philosophies on the railroad is that the super structures of…

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