John Armstrong

Touring the Canandaigua Southern

John Armstrong
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Duration:   8  mins

Beginning our tour of John Armstrong’s Canandaigua Southern model railroad, PA-1, the express refer to Pittsburgh exits Tunnel Number 5. It’s powered by a 484, Number 914. PA-1 is headed for the New York Central Interchange. High Bridge is the home of an amazing trestle bridge. John says that some civil engineering dispute has kept this area from being finished. The high and low lines intersect at another unfinished area – Achenbach. Next, it passes under a tunnel at Ukla. Off to the right is an abandoned runaway track for that unfortunate time before air brakes. The Ott dam on Hot Foot Spray Creek generates steam for local businesses and the Canandaigua Southern roundhouse. CS-914 rolls by the four stall roundhouse and the engine service facility.

The big 484 enters Cattaraugus Yard on Track 2. Off to the left are ore cars. Each is loaded with real ore and weighs a solid 2 pounds. A great view is seen from the 9th Street Overpass as the refers work down the ladder track. This area is called East End and is the throat to the passenger station. The cut at East Cattaraugus parallels East Railroad Street. At Dunellen, the abandoned tower still guards the interchange. Gasmeterszag is an unfinished area that will probably never be completed. East Gasmeterszag is just a passing site. Warm River Station in nestled in a hollow of the Alleghanys. Slug Island is named for what John calls the island’s repulsive shape. The train passes by Essex Junction Tower. At Irondale the 914 passes by the steam dummy switcher of the central power plant. By ducking under the Highway 62 overpass, the refers are headed for Albany via the Canandaigua Southern connection with the New York Central.

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