• 2:15

    Overview of Jerry Macri’s Pennsylvania Railroad

    Jerry Macri’s Pennsylvania railroad may be the largest home layout ever built. This video covers an overview of the layout with Allen Keller. The layout began in Jerry’s 2,800 square foot basement and was added onto 9 years later to the 4,300 square feet it is now. It takes a train about 25 minutes to…

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  • 7:05

    Touring the Pennsylvania Railroad

    The tour of Jerry Macri’s Pennsylvania model railroad with narration by Allen Keller, starts with the broadway limited entering the scene at the Erie Chrome Plating Plant. This area is clouded by smoke from the Erie Ironworks. The steel mill here is huge at about two thirds of a mile long. All this pollution means…

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  • 15:24

    Operations on Jerry Macri’s Pennsylvania Railroad

    Operations on Jerry Macri’s massive HO scale Pennsylvania model railroad with narration by Allen Keller begin with two Alco RSD 15 high noses moving past the King and Sons Coal Company. Many businesses line the tracks around there. The Alcos with train M 8615 work through the Altoona Engine Facility. The Baldwin switcher will pull…

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  • 6:55

    Inspiration & Techniques on Jerry Macri’s Pennsy Model Railroad

    Allen Keller sits with Jerry Macri, builder and owner of the massive Pennsylvania model railroad. The railroad runs in South Central Pennsylvania around Pittsburgh. In spite of the fact that the layout is over 4,300 square feet, Jerry chose not to model too large an area. Altoona to Pittsburgh are areas Jerry both loves, and…

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  • 5:55

    Using Floral Foam with Jerry Macri

    Jerry Macri, owner of the massive Pennsylvania model railroad uses floral foam to build land mass on his layout. This is opposed to the pink or blue foam that most modelers use. Jerry uses the green for a couple of reasons, the most important being the trees that he has modeled. His trees stick well…

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  • 10:04

    Using Herbs & Spices for Ground Cover

    In this video with Allen Keller, Jerry Macri details some of his scenery techniques. Jerry uses typical earth and Woodland Scenics blended turf – about 20 bags of it, but he has also discovered using herbs and spices to add great dimension to his layout for a more realistic look. Jerry shows the different herbs…

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  • 5:53

    Jerry Macri’s Scenery Cart

    Jerry Macri, owner of the Pennsy, uses a cart to hold all of his scenery materials. In the past, Jerry had noticed that it was becoming frustrating to get things out of drawers and move scenery around the layout. So, he created a cart to hold all of his scenery and be able to easily…

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  • 5:58

    Jerry Macri’s Track Cleaning Sponge

    In this video, Allen Keller sits down with Jerry Macri, modeler of the massive Pennsy to discuss Jerry’s least favorite aspect of the model railroading hobby-cleaning track. For his track cleaning, Jerry uses a plaster sponge that he runs over the track by hand. Dish soap or detergent can be used to clean off the…

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