How to Create Rock Scenery

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Model railroad rock scenery is typically blanketed with foliage. This is not the case for Al Lindop’s Utah Midland. The layout consists of entirely dry desert terrain. The only scenic element on the layout to provide color is the desert sand. The structures tend to blend in with the terrain, as the entire coal town is dusty and dry.

Rock Scenery

In part five of the 7-part Utah Midland Railway series, Al begins with a brief tutorial on how to create rock scenery. The segment transitions to a Q&A style discussion with Allen Keller and Al. Allen asks Al several questions regarding the theming of the Utah Midland.

Al describes Utah’s sandstone bluffs as being easy to model. He believes rock scenery is much simpler to model compared to lush eastern mountains because you don’t need to model trees. Al is still convinced that model trees don’t look realistic enough.

In the remaining two segments of the Utah Midland Railway series, Al provides tips for building mines and weathering hopper cars. Picking up a few tips for creating scenery can improve your modeling skills. You never know, you may learn some tricks you’ve never thought of!

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