Model Train Layout Design on The New England Berkshire & Western

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Duration:   3  mins

Model railroading is heavily influenced by the imagination. While some models accurately depict a prototype, some offer the opportunity to create an entire fictitious scene. Inventiveness and originality can result in wondrous railroad layouts. There is no limitation to the imagination. It opens doors for many modeling possibilities.

The New England Berkshire & Western is an imaginary line that runs from Troy, New York and Chateaugay, New York with hidden track heading to Montreal. Although the line is based on hypothetical locations, the time frame is set in 1959 and the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society stays true to the time period.

The New England Berkshire & Western Inspiration

In part three of the 10-part New England Berkshire & Western series, Allen Keller sits down with Rensselaer Model Railroad Society club coordinator John Nehrich and a few other club members to discuss the inspiration and techniques behind the layout.

John Nehrich mentions that the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society takes a systems approach when it comes to modeling. It is important to the club that they don’t stretch far from the network of industries, the freight cars, and operations of 1959. A large amount of research is involved with maintaining this level of precision.

The Rensselaer Model Railroad Society prides itself on education. Many of the new members come to the club with very little background in modeling. The club aims to teach people how to model by providing the necessary tools and resources. Although the majority of the new members start off with limited knowledge of modeling, some members join as experts and end up teaching seasoned veterans some new tricks.

The New England Berkshire & Western series continues with plenty of more information regarding The Rensselaer Model Railroad Society and their layout. Follow along for railroading inspiration and support regarding research, design, and modeling.

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