Bill Aldrige

Operations on the New York, New Haven and Hartford

Bill Aldrige
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Duration:   11  mins

Operations on the New York, New Haven and Hartford model railroad of Bill Aldrige begin at the Charles Street Engine facility as a 282 heads for the roundhouse. It left the New England local at the Northrup Avenue Yard. A K1B mobile from Charles Street backs to the New London local PN1 as the streamlined Comet heads for Boston. Engine number 383 heads to the eastbound departure track. The Daily Local is now leaving Northrup Avenue Yard. In the foreground is coach yard number 17. Providence Union Station anchors the downtown along with bank and trust buildings and city streets run under the tracks. At Stonington Connecticut Number 383 crosses Cheeseborrow Lane and then passes a backwater from Long Island Sound.

At Mystic Connecticut, the 260 will set out a car on the team track. The switchman opens the derail. Then it is on to West Mystic and Tower SS 120 and to Niantic, Connecticut. Rocky Neck Cut is next on the way to Hebronville, Massachusetts. Number 383 crosses over Tin Bridge and then heads under Harbor Road at Woodlawn Road Island. At Pawtucket, Rhode Island PN 1 will pick up an L&N hopper at the coal yard. The engine backs to hopper number 31775. PN 1 leaves the port and heads for Providence and then on to Northrup Avenue Yard.

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