Q&A with Allen Keller and George Sellios

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Duration:   7  mins

Allen Keller and George Sellios sit down to discuss topics regarding model railroading.

George fills us in on his past and current experience with the craft. His extensive background in modeling is beyond compare. No other model railroad has had as much coverage as the Franklin & South Manchester layout created by George. The layout has been featured in numerous informational videos and magazines. Watch George as he shares his wisdom and understanding of model railroading.

Q&A with Allen Keller and George Sellios

George’s passion for model railroading began at childhood. Renowned modeler John Allen sparked his fascination for the hobby. George defines John, as well as Frank Ellison, and Jack Work as his heroes. Their impressive displays are what got him hooked on modeling and what continues to inspire him in his current projects. George believes that highly detailed models are what attract newcomers to the hobby, not the mundane prototypes. George himself has been an inspiration to many over the years. There is more detail on the F&SM then you would see in four average layouts combined. His displays offer plenty to observe and even more to learn from.

Although George is a master of model railroading, he admits there is still much to learn. His Franklin & South Manchester layout is a collaboration of many colleagues. George believes he understands just about everything there is to know about structures and scenery, but lacks knowledge when it comes to electronics and wiring. With a combined effort, others have helped George in those areas of his layout.

George has been fine tuning his model railroading skills over decades. The railroad is a very personal undertaking for him. He thoroughly enjoys the hobby and believes his work is coming out even better than his original parts of the F&SM. Even visitors have told him they enjoy the newer additions more than the originals. The hobby of model railroading takes time and patients. The longer you commit to the craft, the more impressive your layouts will be. Even experts like George Sellios continue to improve with practice.

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