Planning and Inspiration for the Bluff City Southern

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Duration: 5:34

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In this video, Allen Keller discusses the inspiration behind the Bluff City Southern. He explains that this model is a representation of his formative years in Memphis, Tennessee. This model consists of five of the railways from the 1950’s that rolled through that part of the country. He explains that this timeframe is one of his favorites as it comprises both steam and diesel engines in the model.

See some of the fantastic work on three of the five sections of the Bluff City Southern. Allen explains that this model is currently about two-thirds complete. He started this project back in 1997! The layout alone took over a year to complete. This model was built with incredible intricate set pieces and Allen explains that it serves as both a diorama and also functions as a working model.

You’ll see the amazing structures in this 40′ x 30′ model in extreme detail and Allen describes how many of the buildings have been built from scratch for an authentic feel. Also reviewed are the foundation and benchwork that was made from “L” girders and 2″ styrofoam.