Bill Aldrige

Touring the New York, New Haven and Hartford

Bill Aldrige
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Duration:   5  mins

We begin the tour of Bill Aldrig’s New York, New Haven and Hartford model railroad with the Boston Local train number 555 leaving the Providence Union Station. To the right is coach yard 17. The consist today is an RPO baggage car and two American Flyer coaches. The train powered by a Class I-1 Light Pacific number 1007 emerges from behind the produce market. Northrop Avenue Yard is a main car classification facility. Engine 1007 picks up speed as it moves through the yard with the port marking the beginning of the rural section of the railroad. At Woodlawn Tower, the Pacific continues its speed into Woodlawn Road Island with a crossing of the river. In Hebronville, the 462 is moving faster than the automobiles on US Highway 1. Rocky Neck Cut makes it apparent why super elevated track is needed for such high speeds.

From this elevation, one can catch a glimpse of the beach at Rocky Neck State Park near Niantic. The lighthouse guards the entrance to the Niantic River. Number 1007 leaves the lift bridge and heads for West Mystic where the station here parallels Highway 1. At Mystic, the Pacific moves over the swing bridge and the Mystic River. Train number 555 moves along an inlet from Long Island Sound and at Stonington, Connecticut the sun is beginning to set. By the time the local reaches the Smithstreet Bridge, night has fallen. Continuing westbound, the local heads into Provenance. Coach Yard 15 is at the bottom of the frame. In back one can see the promenade Street Tower and the REA Building. For a complete tour, watch the full video.

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2 Responses to “Touring the New York, New Haven and Hartford”

  1. Hampton Ingram

    Loved the attention to detail, and I'm happy to see some postwar Flyer in the consist! The one thing that struck me the most was the lighting, from day, to dusk, to night. Just beautiful.

  2. Richard

    Absolutely marvelous!

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