Ron Kuykendall

Touring Ron’s Five Model Railroads

Ron Kuykendall
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Duration:   11  mins

Ron Kuykendall’s Western Eclectic layout fills its own 20 by 30 foot building. It features a wide variety of railroads. One line serves the Sante Fe and the Rio Grande Western, while the upper line has the Northern Pacific. Both lines are separate continuous loops with an additional narrow gauge line.

The tour begins and ends at Mofeta, the manufacturing district. There the 3458 starts at the Sante Fe roundhouse. The Sante Fe consolidation number 2524 with 12 cars and a caboose heads out of the yard while a Northern Pacific traffic train leaves its staging yard. At Colina a 462 runs through a curved truss bridge. Back at Mofeta a 2882 articulated begins its daily run and the Sante Fe freight moves into Curlew. There the 280 rolls through town and passes by the Russo Cabinet Company and the Curlew Power Plant.

The NP passenger train is approaching Hazel, a popular tourist destination because of the mountains and springs. The railroad buildings here are painted in the Chicago and Northwestern scheme. The NP track passes above Calcite where the Sante Fe 1262 flies through town before the 280 arrives to do some work. Calcite is a busy spot because of the engine facility. There the Sante Fe freight will set out four hoppers for use by the maintenance crews. The 280 has to wait for a westbound manifest to clear the switching lead.

On the eastbound arrival track the 280 waits and at Hazel the 282 pulls through the narrow gauge yard as SF 2524 emerges from Calcite Tunnel. Just behind, the 1224 also pulls out. The NP passenger run goes by the E Curlew engine facility on its way to Mofeta. NP heads into the coach yard by the large industrial building. The tour continues in Colina.

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