Martin Tärnrot

Comprehensive Guide to Model Tree Making

Martin Tärnrot
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In this first session we´re giving an introduction to how the trees can be used in your composition, not only to make forests, but also to create additional height and depth or divide it into different scenes or areas. We´re also explaining why and how foreground trees should differ in detail level and color compared to the background trees and how the view of angle effects how the different trees should be made in a cost- and time efficient way.
This second session we´re modelling the type of trees you will need a lot of, the mass production trees. Therefore, they need to be fast to make, be based on low cost materials and only provide a necessary level of detail and color variance to fit in the position they are intended for.
This third session we´re modelling the trees which are found mainly behind other trees, or make up groups of trees on the layout. They have a general tree-realistic appearance, but are easy to make, low cost and anyway provides that extra detail for the intended position on the layout.
In this final session, you’ll learn to model the trees which are found up-front, closest to the viewer. These trees are customized in shape, color and size to exactly fit the place we intend on the layout. They give the viewer that feeling of genuinely handcrafted trees and an ultra-realistic appearance. There is never any doubt what type of tree it is and it enhances the forced perspective on your layout.
4 Lessons
1  hrs 23  mins

In this class, you’ll learn to model a wide range of different trees – creating diverse, realistic, and colorful elements for your layout.

Led by your instructor Martin Tarnrot, we’ll model Western white pine trees, Canadian Black Spruce, Aspen trees and many more. We also cover alternative materials for the different seasons, what products to use, and what colors to choose for each season.

You’ll learn about materials you can harvest in the forest to make a short-cut to very realistic trees. We’ll work with materials such as blue berry bushes, Meadow Sweet flowers and Maple twigs. With the methods presented, you can produce many realistic trees using Meadow sweet in less than an hour.

You will also learn how to craft realistic trees using the plastic armatures provided by various manufacturers. This is made possible by the addition of a few extra materials.

Another important aspect of model tree making is how you can arrange them to enhance the appearance of your layout. This is possible by using forced perspective, planting the trees so they act as soft dividers between different scenes on your layout, and how to arrange trees to obtain a realistic impression.

In addition to your video instruction, you’ll get an extensive 23-page Class Guide PDF that you can print out and refer to as you work through the creation of various types of trees you’ll see in the class. PLUS, you’ll get a PDF Supplement that shows you a quick ”cookbook” summary of a wide variety of trees you can make for your layout.

Martin Tärnrot

Martin Tärnrot is a lifelong model railroader born with a model railroad on his bedroom carpet. Model railroading has always been an important part of his life and he has, over the years, built numerous layouts on different themes, both U.S. and European style. Since 2016, Martin has been working full-time within the model railroad industry, as a content producer of how-to videos, both for publishers and manufacturers.

Martin Tärnrot

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