Martin Tärnrot

Super Detailing a Layout

Martin Tärnrot
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In this first session, covering buildings and structures, you’ll see and learn the two main approaches to prototypic construction, with its pros and cons. After that, we’ll super detail both building exteriors, such as brick walls, and presenting methods and materials to build super detailed interior – easy and at low cost.
On the rolling stock, we’ll add details to the cars such as pipes and hoses for the brake system, stirrup steps, and discussing wheel selection. You’ll also see how to finalize the detail work by learning several different prototypic weathering techniques.
In this session, you’ll see different mold techniques for the figures – preparing, painting and weathering before assembling in place. Also, we’ll explain how to avoid light leaks and bleed when adding LED-illumination to the vehicles on your Model Railroad, such as buses and cars.
We’re discussing the selection of track system to match your prototype, presenting an easy and solid way to ballast any track, which in turn paves the way for super detailing of the tracks and ballast. In this session, we’re also building an overgrown siding and a road crossing.
In the final session, we wrap up the topic of super detailing by discussing elements which need to be in place to make the most of your detailing efforts. Among those are the layout frame, the backdrop, and the illumination over the layout. You’ll learn about light fundamentals and how to select proper LED lamps for your illumination.
5 Lessons
1  hrs 26  mins

Super detailing is that final touch which adds realism to your Model Railroad. It’s “that little extra” which makes your creation stand out from the rest. However, the overall appearance of your layout is equally dependent on other elements, such as how the light is arranged and how the front and backdrop is integrated.

Working along-side your Instructor Martin Tarnrot, you’ll learn how to improve both “the final touches” plus other fundamental areas which need extra attention to give your layout that breath-taking appearance.

In this Class, we’re super detailing buildings, rolling stock, tracks and vehicles. Each of the four first sessions covers a different area of detailing, showing fundamental techniques and preferred materials for successful detailing.

And the final session will cover other elements which need to be in place to make the most of your detailing efforts.

In addition to your video instruction, you’ll get an extensive 28-page Class Guide PDF that you can print out and refer to as you work through any of the detailing steps you’ll see in the class.

Martin Tärnrot

Martin Tärnrot is a lifelong model railroader born with a model railroad on his bedroom carpet. Model railroading has always been an important part of his life and he has, over the years, built numerous layouts on different themes, both U.S. and European style. Since 2016, Martin has been working full-time within the model railroad industry, as a content producer of how-to videos, both for publishers and manufacturers.

Martin Tärnrot

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