Build Your Own Urban Buildings for Your Railroad Layout

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Well, it turns out Allen Keller has a nickname. Want to find out what it is? Find out right here in this premium video. Finding out his nickname isn’t the only perk provided in this video. For instance, learn how to build spectacular urban buildings to add more personality to your layouts. Find out how many of Allen’s urban buildings are created using the cheap kits because they are easy to modify. Allen teaches you how to turn a cheap building kit into a beautiful urban building you will be proud to have on your layout.

In this video, Allen expresses the benefits of using old building kit parts and combining them with other building kit parts to truly make a building of your own. Why not just think of the whole thing as parts and take whatever parts work and put them together!

Allen Keller shows you several examples of the final product using this “build your own urban buildings” method. Hopefully these examples show you the potential for what you can do to make your buildings look personable and unique. Start looking at a kit as parts to make your own kit using those parts. Use these tips today to begin enhancing your layouts by creating your own urban buildings.