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Creating Realistic Stone Walls on Your Layout

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Duration:   5  mins

As with all other scenery components on a layout, weathering the walls of your structures is highly important for adding realism and intrigue to your model railroad. Many real railroads feature buildings, tunnels and other structures in towns and along the tracks that were constructed from stone and concrete, so it’s only natural that some of the structures on a scale railroad should be built with similar materials. And creating realistic stone and concrete walls for the structures on your layout is a fairly simple process that only requires basic weathering tools and a bit of time.

In this lesson, expert modeler Mike Tylick teaches you how to use styrene, gesso and paints to build concrete walls that can be utilized throughout your layout, from tunnel portals to small railside buildings. You’ll learn how to add texture to your styrene walls to give the appearance of stucco and stone, and highlight the walls with watercolors to demonstrate age through rust and dirt. Take advantage of these expert methods to make the walls on your model railroad structures look more lifelike and interesting!

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3 Responses to “Creating Realistic Stone Walls on Your Layout”

  1. Susan

    Thank you, very well explained and demonstrated!

  2. JIM

    Your comment that concrete came into use about 1840 is not totally accurate. The Roman empire used concrete made in part from volcanic ash and even had a mix that could be poured into seawater and would harden from the water contact. It was used to build ship piers and underwater walls back then. Appreciate the methodology you show. Thanks. Just concerned about the timing explained.

  3. b401194

    Timely and very helpful.Thank you.

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