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Overview of the Model Railroad Club of Union, New Jersey

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This is the Model Railroad Club of Union, New Jersey. The members constructed the club’s building and gave it to the county division of Parks and Recreation in exchange for permanent occupancy. The building is being expanded to 8,400 square feet. The addition means this will probably be the largest club layout in the country at 70 by 140 feet. The club traces its origins to the basement of Paul Malorey in 1949 where the Hudson Delaware and Ohio ran for 23 years. Paul is a hobby pioneer who has written numerous model railroad books and over 300 modeling articles. The overall design of the layout has remained faithful to Paul’s original concept. The track plan is non-linear because of the high priority the club places on operation. The club gathers for operating sessions every Tuesday evening.

In this video, Allen Keller is with Scott Dunlap, the Vice President of the Model Railroad Club. On the anniversary of the club he asks Scott what the layout will be like in another 50 years. Scott says they are planning to expand, making the layout 3 times as large as it is, even expanding again after that if they are able to do so. The club building contains an office, workshop, and a new N scale layout. The HO layout occupies an area of 40 by 40 feet. The Hudson Delaware and Ohio is in yellow, and the Trenton Northern is in gray. The tour of the layout will start in Gilberton, following the trains of the HD&O, the Trenton Northern Electric, and the Rahway River Railroad.

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