David Barrow on Developing Model Railroading

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One of the biggest questions for an expert in any hobby is how do you continue to grow and develop your skills? After you’ve learned seemingly everything about your hobby and created a masterpiece, where do you turn to discover new things? That’s what host Allen Keller wanted to know when he sat down with master modeler David Barrow, lifelong modeler and railfan, and builder of HO scale Cat Mountain & Santa Fe Railway.

In this segment, you’ll find out what keeps David interested in the hobby and brings him to the studio every morning to work on his railroad. He talks about how his passion for railroading has deepened over the years despite periods when he didn’t have the time necessary to focus on his layout and stay up-to-date on current events in the hobby. Take some pointers from one of the greats, and use this valuable insight to grow your own love for the hobby!