David Barrow

Q&A with David Barrow on Cat Mountain & Santa Fe

David Barrow
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Duration:   1  mins

The linear design of David Barrow’s masterful layout of Cat Mountain & Santa Fe Railway catches many of his new visitors off guard, as this maze-like form of model railroading is rarely utilized. That which surprises the average viewer about David’s layout is also what makes him a true innovator of the hobby, and was the reason why host Allen Keller wanted to visit David’s workshop to see the Santa Fe in action and ask a few questions about model railroading.

In this segment, you’ll discover what pushed David to build his West Texas layout using linear module construction, and get answers to some of the common questions first-time viewers ask about this remarkable HO scale recreation. You’ll learn how David decides which structures to include in his scenery, and find out whether he opts more for scratch-built or kitbashed structures. We hope you enjoy this interview with a master!

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