David Barrow

Introducing David Barrow's Cat Mountain & Santa Fe

David Barrow
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Duration:   1  mins

David Barrow’s magnificent recreation of barren West Texas is a lasting testament to the idea that model railroads don’t always have to feature high mountains or towering urban scenery. On David’s HO scale layout of Cat Mountain & Santa Fe Railway, you’ll find little evidence of water and life, but you’ll also discover a highly realistic display of the dry regions that make up the grain-hauling southernmost portion of the Santa Fe.

Begun in 1973 and constantly evolved throughout its operations over the years, David’s CM&SF is one of the world’s greatest walk-around tracks. Host Allen Keller has been a longtime fan of David’s work, so he took a trip to the master’s studio for a behind-the-scenes tour of this truly innovative layout. Come along as we ride the rails from the visible staging areas at East Hill across the arid landscape of West Texas!

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